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Dr. Michelle Crouse

life coach
Physical therapist


I'm Dr. Crouse

With a BS of Psychology and Doctor of Physical Therapy degree I have been immersed in the mind-body connection for 23 years with 15 years of traditional clinical experience before I transitioned into the alternative health world. I am help people move through a wide range of physical & emotional symptoms with simple, practical techniques.

Where to Find Me


Offers Virtual Consultations

Where to Find Me


Offers Virtual Consultations

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services offered

Nervous system regulation with neurological drills breathwork and lymphatic drainage circadian biology lifestyle Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Body Code Bioresonance-Inner Voice custom sound therapy with AO scan

professional certifications

Emotion Code Body Code

my practice philosophy in a nutshell:

My belief is the body is meant to heal when given the proper inputs, which are different for each individual, and we just need to figure the proper inputs out for you! My approach focuses on simple, practical and affordable techniques to help balance the mind and body. I utilize Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis(HTMA) to establish the clients physiologic and psychologic baseline and then create a custom program to restore foundational health. Foundational support is focused on lifestyle interventions with nervous system regulation, breathwork, lymphatic drainage and a focus on circadian biology living.

when i'm not practicing:

You can catch me outside in nature as much as possible, preferably strolling with friends, chasing my senior dog as she tries to take adventures on her own in my neighborhood or going back to my hometown to visit my adorable nephew!

Emotions live in your physiology and neurology