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To unlock the perfect connection between whole-health providers and their ideal patients.

We shine the spotlight on providers who are redefining true healthcare, so that natural-minded health-seekers can more easily and quickly get the personalized help they need. Welcome to The Functional Finder, where matches are made every day between functional, holistic providers and the patients who are breaking free from the conventional health system.

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Life is not merely to
be alive, but to be well.

-Marcus Valerius Martial

for health seekers:

The Functional Finder Blog

Dive into the world of functional, whole-body health with topics ranging from Weston A. Price to the benefits of chiropractic care. The Functional Finder Blog has something for every type of health seeker.

The Functional Finder Blog
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Let us take some of that marketing work off your hands by putting your name in front of the people who are actively seeking your help. This is permission to stop making social media posts daily (you're welcome). Join today and get more of your ideal patients, the easy way.

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Be the provider your patients can easily locate and access.

And that's what The Functional Finder directory can do for you in a matter of minutes. We are aiming to be the leading directory for all functional, whole-body health providers looking to grow their practice presence.