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What if you could easily introduce your practice to your ideal patients, while removing the guesswork and confidently attract the people who truly matter?

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Consistently finding the right patients is the most important factor to your practice's success.

The health of a practice depends on its ability to get new patients that fit your practice... and keep them.

Word of mouth works both ways. A patient that is not the right fit will leave poor reviews online and by word of mouth. Finding the the patients that fit you practice will ensure they refer like minded family and friends.

This means you need an easy and clear way to communicate your practice values and services and attract the patients that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Your practice is lost in a haze of every type of business on social media and search engines.

This is why we created The Functional Finder, where our focus is to become the first stop and premier space for patients looking for a functional health provider like yourself.

The functional Finder Includes:

Join a Community of Excellence

Become a part of a network that values quality care, patient satisfaction, and professional development. The Functional Finder isn't just a directory; it's a commitment to the advancement of functional health.

Full Schedule

By joining the directory the right patients for your business will easily be able to find you without the hassle of searching google or social media. Maximize your appointment bookings and reduce idle time, keeping your practice vibrant and active.

Join a Community of Excellence

Be a part of a network that values quality care, patient satisfaction, and professional growth. At The Functional Finder, we're more than just a directory; we're a community dedicated to the advancement of functional health.


Benefit from a network of professionals and satisfied patients who refer others to your practice.

Enhanced Credibility

Align with a trusted community, bolstering your professional reputation and credibility in the field.

Increased Visibility

Increase your practice's exposure in a dedicated marketplace for functional health. Stand out in a growing field where patients seek experts like you.

Targeted Reach:

Connect directly with patients who are actively looking for specialized functional health services. Increase your patient base with those who need your specific expertise you.

We drive patient & provider connections
Put your practice in the spotlight with our directory. We are dedicated to showcasing functional health providers to the right patients who are actively seeking your expertise. We specialize in driving patients to our site, ensuring your unique offerings reach the audience they deserve. Gain targeted exposure, attract your ideal clients, and thrive in a community that appreciates your value. Join us and be at the forefront of connecting patients with the functional health solutions they've been searching for
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Hi! I'm Dr. Molly, dentist and functional health fanatic.

After growing a social media presence, I began to receive hundreds of messages from patients who couldn't locate a functional, integrative health provider in their area. I launched this directory to eliminate the obstacles that patients face when looking for a holistic practitioner, as well as those obstacles providers face in growing their businesses.

Hear From the Pros

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“My first referral from The Functional Finder was my ideal client. So grateful for this directory!”

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“My first patient referral came just four days after signing up for the directory!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform increases your visibility, connects you with targeted patients, offers networking opportunities, and provides educational resources to enhance your practice.

Yes, setting up a profile is straightforward. Our user-friendly interface guides you through creating a profile that showcases your expertise and services.

We welcome a diverse range of functional health providers, including integrative medicine practitioners, holistic therapists, and specialty physicians.

Joining The Functional Finder can enhance your practice even if you already have a steady flow of patients. Our directory not only helps in maintaining a consistent patient base but also connects you with individuals specifically seeking the unique services you offer. This targeted approach can lead to more fulfilling patient-provider relationships and higher patient satisfaction. Additionally, our platform provides networking opportunities, professional growth resources, and a community of like-minded practitioners, further enriching your professional experience.

Unlike generic directories, The Functional Finder is specifically tailored for functional health providers. We offer targeted visibility to patients actively seeking functional health services, a community of like-minded professionals for networking, and a platform that supports both professional growth and patient engagement. Our focus on quality, combined with user-friendly tools and dedicated support, sets us apart as a premier choice for health professionals in the functional health field.

Yes, we provide dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Patients can search for providers based on specialty, location, and other criteria, making it easy to find your profile.

Absolutely! Whether you’re the owner or an individual practitioner within a larger practice, signing up can be beneficial. The Functional Finder provides an opportunity for you to showcase your individual expertise and services. This can lead to increased recognition and opportunities for professional growth, even within a larger organizational structure. It’s a great way to build your personal brand and connect with patients who are looking for the specific services and skills you offer.

Grow your practice's reach for less than a $1 a day — an economical way for substantial growth.

Your dream patients are searching for you.

The Functional Finder Membership

$ 347 Per Year

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Sign up now and start reaping the benefits of being a part of The Functional Finder.

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