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Allyson Owen


Live Freely Nourished

Craniosacral Fascial Therapist (CFT)
Occupational Therapist
Feeding Therapist


I'm Allyson

Let me help you live freely nourished in all areas of your life!

I'm an occupational therapist, holistic nutritionist and Gillespie Approach trained CFT practitioner who is passionate about helping you live freely nourished. Free from tension and stored trauma in the body, nourished through high quality nutrition, and thriving in all areas of your life. I offer both in-person and virtual services.

Where to Find Me

Live Freely Nourished
Hudson, NH, USA

Offers Virtual Consultations

Offers In-home Service

Where to Find Me

Live Freely Nourished
Hudson, NH, USA

Offers Virtual Consultations

Offers In-Home Service

In-home Service Location(s)

Bedford NH Nashua NH

I provide CFT home visits within a 30 minute drive from my home in Hudson, NH. I am licensed in the state of NH for occupational therapy services (in-person or virtual).

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services offered

Feeding therapy Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) Nervous System Regulation Holistic Nutrition Perinatal Nutrition Infant Development

professional certifications

NBCOT PCES CFT - Gillespie Approach Trained AFPA Holistic Nutrition Certification

my practice philosophy in a nutshell:

I like to say to prospective clients that "I'm not your typical nutritionist" - I'm not the nutritionist for you if you are looking for meal plans or specific recipes, because I truly don't think that's a sustainable way to improve your nutrition. I will work with you to help you understand which foods your body is made to consume and how to improve your health, I will help you learn how to read food labels and recognize the difference between chemicals and real food ingredients, and I will provide you with tangible strategies for managing your health long after we are done working together! I have a special interest and passion for helping women nourish their bodies in the perinatal period, as well as for helping families understand how to nourish their infants, toddlers, and children for optimal long-term health. So, if you find yourself in those stages of life and wanting some guidance, let's chat! As a pediatric occupational therapist, I work with babies and kids on reaching milestones, developing strong motor skills, and regulating their nervous systems. My in-person offerings consist of proving Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) to any individual who might be carrying excess tension and/or stored trauma in their bodies that could be leading to discomfort and dysfunction. I would love the opportunity to help you live freely nourished and feel well in your daily life!

when i'm not practicing:

I thrive best when spending time with my family! I currently ( as of summer 2023) have a 7 month old daughter and a 5 month old puppy who both keep me VERY busy, and my husband and I also take care of our real estate investment properties. We enjoy traveling to visit family and to see new places, and I love walking and reading (when I have the time)! I truly love learning, so I'm always enrolled in at least three continuing education courses at once - for my own knowledge but also to help as many people as I possibly can!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt