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Dr. Marina Gurvich

Dry Eye


I'm Dr. Gurvich

I help women suffering from dry eyes look and feel their best, naturally, while ditching toxic products.

Hi! I'm Dr. Marina Gurvich, a conventionally-trained optometrist, who's always had an interest in holistic health and non toxic beauty. After more than a decade in the traditional eye care setting, I wanted to focus on a growing patient population, particularly women, that have dry eyes. It is my passion to help create a different view of health.

Where to Find Me

Atlanta, GA, USA

Offers Virtual Consultations

Where to Find Me

Atlanta, GA, USA

Offers Virtual Consultations

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Dry Eyes Holistic Lifestyle Non-Toxic Beauty

my practice philosophy in a nutshell:

It is important to understand how the overall health is all interconnected. The eyes are not a separate organ, but part of the complex ecosystem within the body. Having a root cause approach to dry eyes will shed light to the rest of the health. Functional medicine principles and lifestyle choices become integral pieces to evaluate and implement in the daily routine. In the words of Dr. Mark Hyman, "I don't treat disease, I create health."

when i'm not practicing:

I enjoy being in nature, listening to music, trying out new cuisine, and spending quality time with family and friends. Eventually, I'd love to get back to Latin ballroom dancing. Having quiet, alone time to recharge is where my most growth occurs, both personally and professionally. I love being comfortable in athletic wear, drinking any kind of herbal tea, and reading a new wellness book. Living with intention and purpose is the driving force behind all of my passions.

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.